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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Labour’s abortion proposal would lead to abortion on demand and does nothing to empower women


The Pro Life Campaign has said the Labour Party’s election proposal on abortion amounts to abortion on demand and does nothing to empower women. The PLC’s Deputy Chairperson Cora Sherlock was commenting on the Labour Party’s position at an event outside the Dáil today, in advance of Friday’s General Election.
Commenting on Labour’s policy on abortion, Ms Sherlock said: “No amount of euphemistic language from Labour can disguise the fact that what they are proposing is identical to the abortion regime that exists in England, where all respect for unborn human life has been completely stripped away. For example, in England, 90% of babies diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome are aborted.
“As a society, I think we need to reflect on the horror of what is contained in Labour’s proposal and the total disregard it shows towards innocent and defenceless human life. Voters deserve to know what a vote for Labour would mean on the abortion issue.”
Ms Sherlock also commented on Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s idea of setting up a citizen’s convention after the election to look at the issue. She said the citizen’s convention proposal “has all the appearances of a repeat of what happened in advance of the abortion legislation in 2013. Back then, the Taoiseach initiated Oireachtas Hearings, then ignored the expert medical evidence presented to them and instead caved in to Labour’s demands for abortion to be introduced. Not once has the Taoiseach defended all that is positive about the 8thAmendment and the fact that there are thousands of people alive today because of our pro-life laws.”
Ms Sherlock said: “There is nothing liberal or life-protecting about Labour’s proposal. It is the same tired, clichéd and inadequate response that led to wide-ranging abortion in other countries. What is being proposed would do nothing to empower women or meet their needs when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Many women who regret their abortions say that all it would have taken is for one person to have offered them support and encouragement and they’d have continued with their pregnancy. Labour’s proposal is the opposite of empowerment and freedom. In the name of ‘choice’ it pretends there is no social or emotional cost involved in going through with an abortion. That is a total betrayal of women.
“Despite all the criticism, the 8th Amendment was a milestone in human rights when introduced. As the debate develops and pro-life stories start to get a hearing, I’ve no doubt more and more people will see the value of retaining the 8th Amendment. This Friday, however, Ireland’s pro-life laws hang in the balance. Before voting, we encourage voters to take note of where candidates in their area stand on the right to life. They can do so by checking the Pro Life Campaign’s website www.prolifecampaign.ie.”

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Pro Life Campaign launches election initiative for #GE16

Vote Pro Life Group

The Pro Life Campaign is encouraging voters to give their support to candidates who will work towards retaining the 8th Amendment.
Pro-life volunteers held an awareness event outside the Dáil yesterday evening to launch the Campaign’s election video entitled “Your Vote Matters – Use It To Protect Human Life”. The video is being shared on social media and has already been viewed more than 130,000 times.
Speaking about Pro Life Campaign activities in the run up to the General Election, Deputy Chairperson of the group, Cora Sherlock said:
“We are hearing every day from candidates throughout the country that the abortion issue is coming up on doorsteps much more often than anticipated. They also admit that it is pro-life and not pro-choice supporters who are raising the issue.”
Ms Sherlock said: “I am not at all surprised that voters are raising the issue. Abortion is not something that people are going to raise lightly given the sensitivity of the issue but a significant chunk of the electorate have been following the debate closely and are concerned by the entirely one-sided presentation of the issue in politics and the media and at the way some members of the outgoing Dáil went out of their way at the last election to say how ‘pro-life’ they were, only to turn around and vote for abortion.
“Pro-life voters are rightly more cautious this time around. The memory of how many Fine Gael TDs broke their pre-election pro-life promise in 2013 is fresh in their minds, but so too is the fact that there were principled members of the Dáil who kept their promise and ended up being expelled from Fine Gael for voting against abortion.
“Our election video ‘Your Vote Matters’ is reaching pro-life voters throughout the country to remind them of the importance of using their vote to protect the 8th Amendment. Fine Gael and others like to pretend the pro-life vote is not all that significant. But the massive numbers that turned out to pro-life vigils and rallies in recent years is only a small glimpse of the true strength of the pro-life vote. After what happened in 2013, pro-life voters will be judging candidates by their record rather than their words. In this election, the pro-life vote is likely to play an important role in key marginal constituencies and could well have a significant impact on the outcome of the election.”
The new Pro Life Campaign video is called “Your Vote Matters – Use It To Protect Human Life.” It can be viewed here

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Pro Life Campaign launches election video for #GE2016

I vote pro life sign

The Pro Life Campaign today launched a new election video for voters who want information about the stances of General Election candidates on the 8th Amendment.
Speaking about the launch, Deputy Chairperson of the PLC Cora Sherlock said:
“We only have to recall the pro-life vigils and rallies in recent years to get a sense of the vast numbers of people who are concerned about this issue and where our elected representatives stand on protecting the right to life. We are inundated with requests at present from members of the public for information on the stances of candidates in the forthcoming election on the issue.
“Our supporters are looking for assistance in distinguishing between candidates who say they are ‘pro-life’ and candidates who have a track record in defending life. After the way Fine Gael TDs broke their pre-election pro-life promise in 2013, pro-life supporters are rightly much more caution about accepting the word of candidates.
“We are currently compiling information so that voters will have accurate and detailed information before Election Day on the positions of election candidates. The video we are launching today is just one of the ways we are spreading the word and encouraging people to use their vote to protect life.
“There is a noticeable tendency in much of the media to blame the 8th Amendment for everything whenever abortion is in the news. It’s easy to do that if the focus is only on one side of the story. It is only fair that the pro-life side would also get a hearing too and that the tens of thousands of lives saved as a result of the 8th Amendment would also feature prominently in the debate.”

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PLC welcomes passing of pro-life motion by Kerry County Councillors


The Pro Life Campaign has welcomed the passing of a motion in Kerry County Council yesterday, calling on the Government not to take any action which could lead to change or repeal of the 8th Amendment.
Commenting on the motion which was passed by a majority of 10 to 1, PLC spokesperson Cora Sherlock said:
“The 10-to-1 majority passing of this motion is to be welcomed. By stating that the Government should not interfere with the 8th Amendment, the Councillors have acknowledged that every human being should have their rights protected in Irish law, whether born or unborn.
“The 8th Amendment is responsible for saving the lives of tens of thousands of people in Ireland today. We must work towards a society where this protection continues, and where the necessary financial, social and other supports are put in place so that no woman feels she must resort to the sadness of abortion and the loss of her unborn child.”

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PLC says Minister Varadkar only listens to one side of the story on abortion


The Pro Life Campaign says Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has yet again called for repeal of the 8th Amendment to allow for abortion where babies have a terminal illness, even though he has never once agreed to meet with parent of babies who continued with the pregnancy in similar situations. The PLC was responding to the Minister’s latest call today for repeal of the 8th Amendment.
Pro Life Campaign Deputy Chairperson Cora Sherlock said:
“Minister Varadkar comments on abortion every other day but he has never taken the time to meet with families who have continued with their pregnancies when their babies were diagnosed with a life-limiting condition. It is extremely regrettable that the Minister sees fit to campaign so stridently on this issue without making sure he has heard both sides of the story. It is shameful how one-sided Fine Gael have become on this issue.”

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“Minister Reilly must defend 8th Amendment before UN Committee,” says PLC

geneva building

13th January 2016

The Pro Life Campaign has said that the Minister for Children must ensure that his comments before a UN Human Rights Committee this week represent all children in Ireland, born and unborn.
Spokesperson Sinead Slattery said:
“The Convention on the Rights of the Child provides explicit protection for the rights of the unborn child in international human rights law, highlighting in its Preamble that the Child needs special safeguards and legal protection, ‘before as well as after birth’. The 8th Amendment fulfils this requirement by guaranteeing the equality of the unborn child in Irish law, and protecting their most basic right of all, the right to life.
“Any criticism that the UN Committee makes of this aspect of Irish law should be roundly rejected by Minister Reilly. Instead, a robust defence of this life-saving provision should be provided as it is abundantly clear that the 8th Amendment, the Life Equality Amendment, is responsible for saving tens of thousands of lives since its introduction.”

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RTÉ’s wall to wall bias on abortion deserves to be an election issue, says Sherlock


The Pro Life Campaign has strongly criticised RTÉ’s treatment of the abortion issue following last night’s interview on the Late Late Show with the incoming Master of the Rotunda Hospital, Professor Fergal Malone. The Pro Life Campaign accused RTÉ of repeatedly pushing the case for abortion and “censoring the devastating personal stories of women who regret their abortions and of families who came under intense and inappropriate pressure from medical staff to abort their son or daughter but refused.”
Commenting about last night’s programme, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Cora Sherlock said: “It is far from acceptable that RTÉ only ever presents the case for abortion and completely blanks the other side of the argument. The Master of the Rotunda is free if he chooses to only tell one side of the story but RTÉ is legally obliged to present both sides.”
Ms Sherlock continued: “I know several families who were pressured and in some cases literally bullied by medical staff to abort their babies but refused. I know one woman who hasn’t worked a day in over ten years after an abortion where she heard her baby cry. The heartbreak that some people experience after abortion is simply unbelievable.
“But RTÉ thinks it’s perfectly okay that these and other harrowing stories from a pro-life perspective should be censored at every turn from listeners and viewers. It is a scandal that the country’s national broadcasting station feels it can behave in such an appallingly undemocratic way.
“It has reached a point where the deep-seated bias at the heart of RTÉ deserves to be an election issue. People are tired of the wall to wall bias every day. Licence fee paying members of the public certainly deserve better. The conduct of RTÉ on abortion is shaping up to become a very big story in itself in the coming months. And that’s as it should be.”

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