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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who's behind the push for Abortion in Ireland?

IFPA and Irish Examiner helps Human Rights Watch push for abortion in Ireland

Human Rights Watch is a renowned abortion advocacy group so the news that it recently issued another document giving out about another country not having introduced a liberal abortion regime is yawnfully predictable.

This time it’s Ireland’s turn. Imagine the surprise on reading that a pro-abortion lobby group thinks it’s awful we don’t have abortion!

It does, however, have one interesting fact. A note on page 53 states, ‘Human Rights Watch is particularly grateful for the information, support, expertise and feedback provided by many staff members of the Irish Family Planning Association.’

Another disappointment and something which must be addressed is the way the Irish Examiner newspaper gave the story top billing two days running and failed to report a single word from the Pro Life Campaign taking issue with the report. The decision of the Irish Examiner to give the story such prominence lacks all credibility and highlights its strong ideological bias in favour of a pro-abortion position.

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