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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chinese mother forced to abort baby in eighth month of pregnancy

We have all heard of China's 'one child policy' but have we ever thought through how it translates into family life?  Have we made the imaginative effort to feel how it would be to live as a family under such a regime?  Maybe we imagine we would be forced to listen to a lecture by an earnest official?  Surely they wouldn't break into a family home and drag a pregnant woman out the door screaming and kicking, bring her to hospital and forcibly inject her to kill her baby?

On October 10th, in southwest China, Xiao Aiying, who was eight months pregnant, was put through just such an experience of assault, abduction and forced injection to punish her and her husband for having a baby, and intimidate others into obeying this obscene law.

Click here to watch the two minute news report which features a profoundly disturbing interview with Aiying's husband. 

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