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Friday, January 28, 2011

Pro Life Campaign billboards go up across the country

On billboards across the country, between now and Election Day, the Pro Life Campaign is bringing its pro-life message to the voters -
Ireland, without abortionis the safest country in the world for pregnant women. Let's keep it that way. 
The billboard references the latest WHO,Unicef Report on Maternal Mortality (2007,2010) which shows that, of the 172 nations where figures  were available, Ireland leads the world in safety for pregnant women.  The message is supported by a dramatic black and white photograph of a young mother protecting her child.

If you see one while you're motoring around the country and have a thought on them you'd like to share, give us a call us at 01 662 9275, but not while driving!  And let your local General Election candidates know if you see one in your area - nothing concentrates the mind like a billboard. 

Ireland, with no abortion, is the safest country in the world for women in pregnancy - Let's use our vote so we keep it that way

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