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Friday, March 11, 2011

William Reville, 'Euthanasia will always be cheaper than multidisciplinary care of the dying'

In an alarming article documenting the abandonment by contemporary medicine of the Hippocratic oath and the rise in its place of a cost-saving mentality, headed Worrying undercurrent of economics in debate on euthanasia, published in The Irish Times on 16th December 2010, ethical medical commentator, biochemist William Reville, observes 'we hear more and more arguments in favour of euthanasia. Whatever about other dimensions, there is a strong economic undercurrent to this debate. ... Euthanasia will always be cheaper than multidisciplinary care of the dying.' And it is not just the elderly who are vulnerable to the new economically driven pressure for euthanasia. 'today, medical technology is very effective. Not only can medicine heal, it can improve healthy but “sub-optimal” bodies using a wide range of technologies'. 

You can read the article here 

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