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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Abortion advocacy group falsely claims support of other groups in UN Submission

The newly formed Your Rights Right Now group has made a submission to the UN which calls for abortion to be made 
available in Ireland.

A significant number of Irish non-governmental organisations have put their name to this submission, many of which appear to be unaware that their name is being used to promote abortion. Since the Pro Life Campaign and others have raised this issue, the following organisations have withdrawn their endorsements of the Submission;
Trócaire, Crosscare Migrant Project, the Vincentian Refugee Centre, A.C.T.S Transport, EFL Ireland, A.P.S., The National Council for the Blind, Social Inclusion Ireland, and the Integration and Support Unit for New Communities.
Additionally, the Childrens Rights Alliance (an alliance of over 90 non-governmental organisations in Ireland)  has stated that they do not support the call for abortion which is contained in Section 12 of the Submission. 

However many other groups have yet to clarify their position.   

It appears clear that the main organisers behind the Your Rights Right Now report are exploiting the goodwill of reputable organisations to further a pro-abortion agenda.  However, given the fact that many of the organisations which are listed as endorsing the report are involved in separate areas of advocacy, we expect that there will be many more groups opting out of the report over the coming days.
We urge those who are interested in ensuring that a report prepared by an ideologically driven minority does not gain credibility to contact the endorsing organisations and request clarification on this matter.

The list of organisations which endorsed the report was removed from the Your Rights Right Now website on Wednesday 27th April after a number of groups contacted the authors seeking to withdraw their endorsements. However you can download the report here

Below are the email addresses of some of the main groups which have yet to withdraw their endorsements

Organisation Name                                        Email
Adoption Rights Alliance                                info@adoptionrightsalliance.com
A-Z Children's Charity                                     info@azkids.ie
Barnardos                                                         info@barnardos.ie
Comhlámh                                                        info@comhlamh.org
Disability Federation of Ireland               info@disability-federation.ie
Dóchas                                                              anna@dochas.ie
Educate Together                                            info@educatetogether.ie
Foroige                                                              info@foroige.ie
Friends of Londiani, Kenya                      info@friendsoflondiani.com
Galway Traveller Movement                    maria@gtmtrav.ie
Habitat for Humanity Ireland                    info@Habitatireland.Ie
Immigrant Council of Ireland                  admin@immigrantcouncil.ie
Irish Association of Social Workers       office@iasw.ie
Irish National Teachers' Organisation    feedback@into.ie
Irish Refugee Council                                    info@irishrefugeecouncil.ie
Irish Senior Citizen's Parliament              seniors@iol.ie
Irish Translators and Interpreters             itiasecretary@gmail.com
ISPCC                                                             ispcc@ispcc.ie
Mercy Justice Office                                      mercyjusticesc@eircom.net
Ruhama                                                         admin@ruhama.ie
Simon Community                                       info@simoncommunity.com
Somali Irish FA                                                somali-irishfriendship@hotmail.com
Teachers' Union of Ireland                         tui@tui.ie
Treoir                                                                 info@treoir.ie
YMCA Cork                                                        ymcaroi@indigo.ie

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