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Monday, May 30, 2011

Pro Life Campaign invited to make formal presentations at United Nations Universal Periodic Review meetings.


The Pro Life Campaign made formal presentations highlighting Ireland’s record of safeguarding pregnant women and unborn children’s lives at meetings in Cork and Sligo organised by the Department of Justice and Equality this week.

The series of meetings were hosted by the Irish government in a bid to get the views of members of the public on Ireland’s human rights record and were held throughout Ireland to help inform the submission that the government will be making to the United Nations Human Rights Council in July of this year outlining Ireland’s performance on human rights issues.

The Pro Life Campaign was recently granted special NGO consultative status by the United Nations meaning that the Campaign can formally contribute to the work programmes and goals of the United Nations and make oral and written interventions on issues of concern.   The Pro Life Campaign made a written submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council on the abortion issue earlier this year.

Speaking after the formal presentation on behalf of the Pro Life Campaign in Sligo, Anne Maree Quinn of the Campaign said ‘Ireland’s standard of care for pregnant women and their unborn children is second to none.  This is borne out by the World Health Organisation figures which consistently find that Ireland, without abortion is the safest place in the world for pregnant women*.  Additionally, public opinion is constant in supporting the protection of our most vulnerable, the unborn child, whilst safeguarding women’s access to all necessary medical treatment during pregnancy’**
She said “The Pro Life Campaign urges the government to ensure that Ireland’s position of safeguarding women and unborn children in pregnancy is maintained and offers Ireland as an example to the other member states of the United Nations as a country respectful of all human life, born and unborn.”


* Report on Maternal Mortality, World Health Organisation, UNICEF, UNFPA (2007-2010)
**Red C opinion poll February 2011

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