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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mother refused abortion three times, gives birth to healthy baby girl

Carrie Chilvers was told three times to have an abortion. 

She refused, and it saved her daughter’s life.

Carrie and daughter Elizabeth, aged 6 months

At her 12 week scan at Colchester General Hospital, doctors told Carrie that there was only 20% chance that her baby would survive. They added that even if the baby did survive they would be severely disabled. Doctors recommended abortion to Ms. Chilvers three times. Although she was distraught at hearing the news, Carrie refused to give up on her unborn child and sought a second opinion. She then had wait five weeks before a second scan gave her baby the all-clear.

Ms Chilvers said: “If I had listened to them I would not have my beautiful baby girl. If I had a termination Elizabeth would not be here... I was told three times to have an abortion. They said there was only a 20 per cent chance when I gave birth she would still be alive and she had a cystic hygroma, a growth on the neck.”
Carrie was also told that if her baby survived, it would have Down's syndrome, Turner's syndrome or a chromosome deficiency. 

But Elizabeth was born in January, a 5lb 4oz healthy baby girl.  

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