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Friday, September 28, 2012

National Women’s Council of Ireland no longer a mainstream representative group for Irish women

In a statement yesterday, Pro Life Campaign Education Spokesperson, Ruth Cullen said 

"The NWCI [National Women's Council of Ireland] can no longer call themselves a mainstream representative group for Irish women." 

Dr. Cullen's comments follow the group's calls for abortion to be legalised and legislated for in this country.

The National Women's Council of Ireland damaged their credibility in this area most notably with their recent attack on Women Hurt, a group of women speaking out about how their abortion experiences caused them suffering and hurt. 

"Only last year the NWCI launched a scathing attack on Women Hurt,  for simply launching a billboard campaign drawing attention to abortion regret and the stories of women seeking hope and healing after abortion."

Dr. Cullen went on to point out that  the NWCI use polling data which makes no distinction between medical treatment during pregnancy, and the intentional targeting of the unborn child's life: 

"In citing public support for abortion today, it is interesting to note that the NWCI quoted a recent poll which made no distinction between necessary medical interventions in pregnancy and induced abortion which targets the life of the baby. Polls that do not make this ethical distinction are meaningless in the current abortion debate."

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  1. Pro-life groups must be focused, distinctive and totally separated from any opposing group or a mixed viewpoint group. The opposing groups will naturally be directed by a dominant leadership with their own agenda who will drown out the moderate voices or those who totally disagree.