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Saturday, March 16, 2013

New data: 330 million abortions carried out in China since 1971

Nearly 330 million abortions have been performed in China in the past 40 years, official data shows.
Data posted on the health ministry website shows that from 1971 through 2010 a total of 328.9 million abortions were carried out in the country. 
A quarter of Chinese women of reproductive age have had at least one abortion. 
China says that its One Child Policy introduced in the early 1980s has prevented overpopulation, but the policy has led to horrifying practices of forced abortion. Women are forcibly removed from their homes and their babies aborted against their will. Some of these cases have involved women as far along as 9 months in their pregnancies. 

In 2009, there were 35,000 forced abortions performed on Chinese women every day.  

Human rights groups have criticised these harsh enforcement methods. Groups like Women's Rights Without Frontiers and activists like Reggie Littlejohn and Chen Guangcheng are attempting to attract international attention on these human and civil rights abuses. 

Reggie Littlejohn

The One Child Policy has also contributed to the practice of gendercide. With a cultural preference for boys, and the freedom to only have one child, many parents abort female children, or commit infanticide shortly after birth. This has led to a great imbalance, with 120 males born for every 100 girls.  
Despite increasing international outrage, the Chinese Government is resistant to abolishing the One Child Policy. Women's Rights Without Frontiers and other groups are extremely concerned that no significant changes appear to be on the horizon for the One Child Policy. Recent statements by Wang Xia, the Chairman of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, the China "must unwaveringly adhere to the One Child Policy as a national policy" indicate that the current system of coerced and violence enforcement and forced abortions will continue for some time. 

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