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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Abortion - life saving?

PLC says it’s “dishonest” for Government to claim that abortion in the case of threatened suicide is life saving when it is life ending

“Minister Reilly’s admission that more babies will be born with severe disabilities if Bill is passed highlights obscene nature of the proposal” – Sherlock


The Pro Life campaign has described as “shamelessly dishonest” the claim by the Government that providing abortion in the case of threatened suicide is life saving, when it is life ending. Commenting on the introduction of the abortion Bill before the Dáil today, Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign said: “It is time to end the deception. The Government knows full well from the evidence at two separate Oireachtas hearings that abortion is not a treatment for suicidal ideation. Trying to claim otherwise is dishonest.”

“If the Government genuinely wants to improve healthcare for women and unborn babies, it should admit that it has not a shred of psychiatric or medical evidence to support its position.”


Ms Sherlock said: “Minister Reilly’s admission earlier this week that more babies will be born with severe disabilities if the Bill is passed highlights the obscene nature of the proposal. When introducing the Bill today, there will be a lot of talk from the Government benches about it being a ‘restrictive’ and ‘life saving’ proposal. In truth, many of those who will defend the Bill know this is not the case.

"It is a sad day for our country. However, the pro-life movement is re-energised and growing like never before and we will stay focussed for however long it takes in building the opposition to the Government’s dangerous and unjust plan.”, Ms Sherlock concluded.

Below are some pictures of Pro Life Campaign volunteers at Dáil Eireann on 20th June, the day the abortion legislation was introduced into the Dáil


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