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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

RTÉ’s wall to wall bias on abortion deserves to be an election issue, says Sherlock


The Pro Life Campaign has strongly criticised RTÉ’s treatment of the abortion issue following last night’s interview on the Late Late Show with the incoming Master of the Rotunda Hospital, Professor Fergal Malone. The Pro Life Campaign accused RTÉ of repeatedly pushing the case for abortion and “censoring the devastating personal stories of women who regret their abortions and of families who came under intense and inappropriate pressure from medical staff to abort their son or daughter but refused.”
Commenting about last night’s programme, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Cora Sherlock said: “It is far from acceptable that RTÉ only ever presents the case for abortion and completely blanks the other side of the argument. The Master of the Rotunda is free if he chooses to only tell one side of the story but RTÉ is legally obliged to present both sides.”
Ms Sherlock continued: “I know several families who were pressured and in some cases literally bullied by medical staff to abort their babies but refused. I know one woman who hasn’t worked a day in over ten years after an abortion where she heard her baby cry. The heartbreak that some people experience after abortion is simply unbelievable.
“But RTÉ thinks it’s perfectly okay that these and other harrowing stories from a pro-life perspective should be censored at every turn from listeners and viewers. It is a scandal that the country’s national broadcasting station feels it can behave in such an appallingly undemocratic way.
“It has reached a point where the deep-seated bias at the heart of RTÉ deserves to be an election issue. People are tired of the wall to wall bias every day. Licence fee paying members of the public certainly deserve better. The conduct of RTÉ on abortion is shaping up to become a very big story in itself in the coming months. And that’s as it should be.”

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