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Monday, May 16, 2016

"Why I'm Going To Celebrate The 8th"....by Clare Cromie O'Toole

I’m going to Celebrate the 8th to distribute sunflower seeds for "Sunflowers for Life", which is a new initiative set up to encourage pro-life advocates everywhere to grow sunflowers as a public witness of their support for life at every stage of development.

As the push to repeal the 8th Amendment becomes more and more likely a topic of a future referendum, engaging the people of Ireland in the conversation about protecting life is hugely important.

The goal of the "Sunflowers for Life" campaign is to provide an avenue for demonstrating support for the pro-life cause in a positive, beautiful, non-confrontational way by engaging people in doing something that strikes a chord with the essential idea that nurturing life is worthwhile.

This simple act of planting a seed and nurturing its growth is a peaceful and positive affirmation of life. It answers the call to stand up and be counted as a voice for the voiceless.

"Everything beautiful starts small
Anything worthwhile needs nurturing"

"Sunflowers for Life" aims to build solidarity across the pro-life movement with this joyful personal and public affirmation so that we can begin to recognise each other whether politically active or not.

Look for the bouquet of sunflowers and come by to collect your sunflower seeds!

And check out our new website, www.sunflowersforlife.com

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