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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Government's proposal on abortion won't be and can't be restrictive - we will vigorously oppose it

Responding to the Government’s decision today to introduce abortion legislation based on the X case ruling, Cora Sherlock, spokesperson for the Pro Life Campaign, said:

“The Government was always going to present any proposals to introduce abortion as “very restrictive”. But the reality is they simply won’t be and can’t be. The X case decision heard no medical evidence and contains no duty of care towards the baby so any such legislation proposed by the Government would for the first time introduce an abortion regime into this country in which the life of the baby could be directly and intentionally targeted for destruction. This is a chilling prospect – once the principle of protecting human life is conceded, it leads inevitably to wide-ranging abortion.

Everyone agrees women in pregnancy should receive whatever treatments are necessary to safeguard their lives, and as our world-class record in maternal safety shows, women already receive such outstanding care."

Pro Life Campaign supporters Áine and Stephanie at Dáil Éireann today

"The Pro Life Campaign will vigorously oppose the Government’s decision to introduce an abortion regime based on the X case ruling. While treating politicians with respect, we will mount a robust and sustained challenge to each and every element of the proposed legislation."

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