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Monday, December 10, 2012

PLC responds to Council of Europe Committee of Ministers calls for Ireland to ‘expedite’ abortion legislation

Today the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers issued a statement calling on Ireland  to ‘expedite’ bringing in abortion legislation. 

Responding to the Council's statement, Caroline Simons (Legal Advisor to the Pro Life Campaign) said:
"The Council of Europe statement suggests a lack of understanding by the Committee of Ministers as to the legal significance of the European Court ruling in ABC v Ireland. The decision does not oblige Ireland to introduce abortion.  It calls on us to clarify our position which is an entirely different matter. It is misleading for any person or group to suggest that abortion legislation is required."

"Despite the impression created in recent times, Ireland has an outstanding record in protecting women in pregnancy and is safer than most, if not all of the countries calling on us to introduce abortion." 

Coverage of the Council's statement:

in TheJournal.ie

in The Irish Times 

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